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Only have high-quality and truly existing contacts in your customer database.
Verify email addresses with Mailcolm.

Why Mailcolm?

is a premium email address validation tool.

Without quality and fully valid email addresses the success of your eshop will never be at the highest level.

What does it solve?

With real-time email validation. Evaluating their quality or risk.

We enrich your email address with more interesting data, detect spam traps, minimize the risk of bouncing.

Direct integration with your website or with your email tool.

For who?

For anyone who gains new contacts and wants to keep their quality under control.

You can use Mailcolm in real-time, as part of Mailocator and your email tool.

Email address validation can be both robust and easy. Apply it at any time.

See the feature overview.

Address checks and recommendations Mailcolm Similarly focused tool
RFC syntax check true true
Domain syntax check true true
Domain check true true
Domain recommendations true false
Mail server check true true
Mail server type true true
Mailbox check true true
Bounce risk check true false
Address enrichment Mailcolm Similarly focused tool
First name and derived information true false
Function address true false
Spam trap check true false
Bot address check true false
Disposal address check true false
Blacklist check true true
Check on domain of webmail, ISPs or telecommunication providers true false
Language recommendation true false
Email client preference true false
Check on company domain true false

On and off the web

Put validation right where you need it. There are no restrictions on integration.

It automates and recommends

All controls are fully automated. Do you know that the incorrectly typed email address will replace with the correct variation?

Prevention and enrichment

Already no spam traps, one-time emails or emails located on blacklists or at high risk of bouncing.v

We offer one-off and continuous validation of databases.   I want a tailor-made calculation

What can we offer you?


RWe understand the agencies practices, production cycles, and time clients requirements.

We will be pleased to propose a model that will speed up your processes and increase performance while maintaining your price autonomy.

My own installation

Freelancer / Marketer

Would you like to do the best for your clients, but your time is limited? Would you like to have all the tools together?

- we will advise you
- support in english
- individal pricing

Individual setup


Do you need to quickly run one campaign or manage everything that belongs to email marketing comfortably?

You can do it, it's easy. We will be happy to guide you through the deployment and setup process.


Contact us! We will be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you!

Send us your contact, we will contact you

Don't hesitate to ask us for a solution that fits your business.