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Don't lose your visitors, get new and verified customer contacts.
Create pop-ups with Mailocator.

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Why Mailocator?

Mailocator is a premium customer acquisition tool.

No new e-commerce entity can do without new customers. It's easy with Mailocator.

With a range of premium features to get the best results.

What does it solve?

Makes a new customer from a new website visitor.

Get more with advanced website tracking. Fully compliant with GDPR and all other legislation.

Easily connect with your email tools.

For who?

For anyone with at least minimal traffic to the web.

Mailocator is used wherever new contacts acquisition are needed. Can respond to web and user behavior.

Pop-ups can be done with better quality and no disturbing effects.

See the feature overview.

Mailocator Similarly focused tools
Exit-intent technology true true
Internal fully automated billing system true false
Real-time email validation true false
ESP connectors, webhooks true true
Google Analytics integration true true
Add-ons - counters, merging of inputs, redirection to ISP, GDPR checkbox true false
WYSIWYG editor true true
Campaign templates true true
Custom editing of HTML and CSS true true
Custom editing of landing pages true false
Custom editing of error messages true false
Multi-step campaigns true false
External javascript support true false
Google friendly pop-ups true false
Personalizing, data gathering from a data layer of the Google Tag Manageru true false
AB testing true true
OnClick triggering true true
Display scenarios true false
Campaign timing true true
DOI reminder true false
Promocodes true false
Advanced and detailed statistics true false
Log console true false
Multilingual UI true false
Own CDN true false

Tuned for mobile phones and tablets

Create a design that is not limited to the device on which it appears.

Multi-step unlimited

Feel free to create any number of consecutive questionnaires.

Discount and promotional codes

Just one thing - upload a set of unique codes. No programming is needed.

Plans for agencies and users with high data volumes? Ask us!

What can we offer you?


RWe understand the agencies practices, production cycles, and time clients requirements.

We will be pleased to propose a model that will speed up your processes and increase performance while maintaining your price autonomy.

My own installation

Freelancer / Marketer

Would you like to do the best for your clients, but your time is limited? Would you like to have all the tools together?

- we will advise you
- support in english
- individal pricing

Individual setup


Do you need to quickly run one campaign or manage everything that belongs to email marketing comfortably?

You can do it, it's easy. We will be happy to guide you through the deployment and setup process.


Contact us! We will be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you!

Leave us your email or phone, we will contact you

Don't hesitate to ask us for a solution that fits your business.

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