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A smart email editor that saves you time.
Automate routine processes, get time to concern to content.

Why Mailiana?

Minimize repetitive processes and reduces error rate.

Mailina is a clear visual editor with a range of unique productivity features.

It may take only a few minutes to prepare a complete mailing in several languages.

Simply export messages to your mailing tool.

What does it solve?

It also automatically builds a set of messages. And they are displayed correctly on all devices.

Prepare your content in Google Sheets or Excel, link to XML feeds, and click to fill the message.

Or send the prepared content via our API directly from the e-shop or CRM.

For who?

The creatives will be fun. Agencies save hours of time a day.

Design your messages and content without limitations with dozens of unique features.

You do not have to insert or rewrite anything manually. Have everything under control, publish quickly, transparently and without errors.

Much more than drag & drop and responsivity...

See what's next!

Editation Mailiana Common email editors
Redy to use templates true true
Library of custom objects true false
Merge tags for automatic text replacement true true
Merge tagy for whole objects true false
Previews for mobile device with most used resolutions true false
Unlimited setting of CSS and typo properties true false
Group changes by tagged content or objects true false
Style clipboard true false
Resposivity support true true
Preview of ojects, layers and tags true false
Google fonts support (over 900 fonts) true false
Automation Mailiana Common email editors
Automatic code conversion/extension for proper displaing on freemails true true
XML feeds support true true
Multiple feeds support independent on data structure true false
Import content/data from Google Sheets true false
Private object library for future use true false
Image/data storage accessible over CDN true true
Import content over Mailiana REST API true false
Productivity Mailiana Common email editors
Tracking and statistics true true
Design packages export/import true false
Bug / Conflict detector true false
Templates grupped into project true false
Multiple language ready true false
Sharing with another users true false

Visual editor

Premium editor with dozens of predefined objects,that can easily handle your existing templates.


Comprehensive fulfillment of content from Google Sheets, import XML feeds with independent structure, accessible over Mailiana API.

It speeds up work

Reduce routine tasks, concern on content and design, simplify your publication process.

Plans for agencies and users with high data volumes? Ask us!

What can we offer you?


RWe understand the agencies practices, production cycles, and time clients requirements.

We will be pleased to propose a model that will speed up your processes and increase performance while maintaining your price autonomy.

My own installation

Freelancer / Marketer

Would you like to do the best for your clients, but your time is limited? Would you like to have all the tools together?

- we will advise you
- support in english
- individal pricing

Individual setup


Do you need to quickly run one campaign or manage everything that belongs to email marketing comfortably?

You can do it, it's easy. We will be happy to guide you through the deployment and setup process.


Contact us! We will be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you!

Leave us your email or phone, we will contact you

Don't hesitate to ask us for a solution that fits your business.