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How to make a Thank you page in Mailocator?

See how to bring your future customers back to your site in a better way as you complete the verification process.

28. January 2021 MailocatorStart

Scenario testing laboratory

An easy way to verify the functionality of the scenario in Mailocator is to run a laboratory where you can see the entire course of processing over time, including the evaluation of conditions and user actions.

30. November 2020 MailocatorStart

Connect and make forms for dialog-Mail

See how to easily connect dialog-Mail and build and setup subscription popup

5. November 2020 MailocatorStart

Transfer of data from Mailocator to ESP

Sometimes it is useful to provide additional information from Mailocator, usually state, gender, favorite categories, discount code or name and surname. How to do it?

9. October 2020 MailocatorStart

Scenario in Mailocator

The Mailocator scenario is a key tool for setting up your campaigns to work properly. See everything and how easy it is to set up.

6. October 2020 MailocatorStart

How to code your own custom pop-up?

In Mailocator you can use your own HTML / CSS code so that it is possible to build a pop-up (or any object) without restrictions and according to your own requirements.

1. August 2020 MailocatorStart

Mailocator installation - link to your site

How to connect Mailocator with e-shop or website?

5. June 2020 MailocatorStart