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Scenario in Mailocator

The Mailocator scenario is a key tool for setting up your campaigns to work properly. See everything and how easy it is to set up.

6. October 2020 Mailocator

Discount codes

Mailocator allows you to pass discount and promotional codes to email campaigns

13. September 2020 Mailocator

Discount codes obtained from the API in real time

In addition to code stacks, Mailocator allows you to read discount codes in real time from an external API, display them in a thank you page and pass them to an email tool.

2. October 2020 Mailocator

Transfer of data from Mailocator to ESP

Sometimes it is useful to provide additional information from Mailocator, usually state, gender, favorite categories, discount code or name and surname. How to do it?

9. October 2020 Mailocator

Preparation of the winning calendar (Advent calendar)

Mailocator contains pre-prepared templates for action calendars, which reveal to users the winnings for a specific day in exchange for an email address. You can easily prepare an Advent calendar with a discount or an event for each day.

20. September 2020 Mailocator

Scratch card

A scratch card is a campaign in which the marketing content (discount, notification, coupon...) is covered by an image that can be wiped with the mouse cursor or a finger on the screen of the smart device. After deleting and revealing the content, you can automatically trigger an action, such as getting an email address.

27. August 2020 Mailocator


Data transfer from Mailocator via Webhook to third parties

5. August 2020 Mailocator

Actions in Mailocator

Controlling Mailocator with Actions opens up a number of options for modeling your campaigns

3. August 2020 Mailocator

How to code your own custom pop-up?

In Mailocator you can use your own HTML / CSS code so that it is possible to build a pop-up (or any object) without restrictions and according to your own requirements.

1. August 2020 Mailocator

Mailocator API

We have launched the Mailocator 2 API - see what data you can now get with automated processes

15. July 2020 Mailocator

Migration of the campaign to the new version of Mailocator

How to migrate users between campaigns to the new version of Mailocator?

22. June 2020 Mailocator

Mailocator supports campaign sharing

Mailocator now supports campaign sharing between two or more accounts. This makes it easy to share your campaign with an agency or specialist who can help you identify campaign bottlenecks or fine-tune your expert settings.

11. February 2020 Mailocator

Mailocator installation - link to your site

How to connect Mailocator with e-shop or website?

5. June 2020 Mailocator