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Updated: 18. December 2020

Mark campaign conversions with actions

Where a campaign is not automatically marked as converted (such as a newsletter sign-up), you can add a conversion using an action to better evaluate the success of the campaign.

Marking a conversion is possible with an action isConverted
You can then see the conversion results in your statistics to easily measure the actual result of your campaign - such as notifications

Add a conversion at the click of a button

For example, if you want to count a user's consent as a conversion, it's a good idea to click the action to mark the conversion:

<button onclick="mailocator.action.do('isConverted | close')">I agree</button>

Add conversion for link

It's often a good idea to indicate a conversion when a user navigates from a campaign to a displayed link.
The setting for the A tag in Mailocator is as follows:

<a href="#" onclick="mailocator.action.do('isConverted | url:https://example.com/page.html')">Go to example.com</a>


Launch a campaign when you hover or touch a specific location on the page

Mark a location that triggers a campaign when the user hovers over it or touches it on a touch device

Mailocator Events

With events, you can intelligently manage the sequence of campaigns across the entire workflow scenario and display much more relevant and precisely targeted content in real time.


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